Monday, October 1, 2012


I have a small child. She thinks the rules the reality she sort of does however she is not allowed in my scrapbook area without supervision and now you can see why.

When I saw this all I wanted to do was cry and stomp my feet but then I realized all you can do sometimes is just laugh. She thought her ehem "art work" was so beautiful. I was not so impressed. I was however impressed that the Copics came off of my table top.

She used 5 ruined 1 and I now keep them hidden away out of sight. I am pretty sure she knows where I keep them but out of sight out of mind I guess. Haha!!

This wonderful memory was brought you you by our newest Sketch over at Sketch-n-Scrap. I hope you can join us!

Here is a quick tip! My large title "Laugh" is actually the base of some stickers that I used here I loved the font so much so I cut around the word and got a whole new title out of it. See sometimes it pays to keep all the bits and peices...
Here is sketch #18 from Lisa