Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Well hello there

I know it has just been forever and a day since I have posted. I don't know where the time has gone. I have looked all over for it but alas I could not find it. Anyway here I am so yay

So lets see what have I been up to...well I was getting ready for the Close To My Heart Convention. I had never been but it was amazing in Washington DC! Everywhere I turned I kept finding that that is what I said...wow that is amazing, wow amazing, amazing... I went on the DC the Lights tour with On Board of the city at night and wow...yep you guessed it amazing.

oh an really hot - that say 101 and it is about 8pm ...
But I saw some amazing things like the Korean War Memorial
the Lincoln Meorial
and the Washington Monument as well as the reflection pond
the White House
the World War II memorial with a great view of the Washington Monument in the background
and Capitol Hill

there were so many more things but...anyway I also got to meet some of my favorite bloggers and I would be so excited and feel a little stalker like at the same time.

Now that I am feeling a little more like myself again I will be posting some art work and tell a little more about the convention itself.