Friday, December 18, 2009

Gearing up for next week. Are you ready?

So I can't beleive that next week is Christmas!!! Wow where did the year go?
I thought I would share a few projects from Christmas Past's ... mmm is that how one would say that? Anyway, my family always goes to my grandma's on Christmas Eve and then Christmas day was spent at home. Once me and my brother grew up and had our own families we swiched it around and started going over to our parents house after my grandma's house. This became ever more increasingly difficult for my brother whom would also go to his in-laws after that. I had the brilliant idea of just changing it from after grandma's to before grandma's. Once my parents split up and got a divorce I took over having Christmas Eve at my house. Here are some photo's of that. I have to say I am so lucky to have my mom and dad play nice and spend the holiday with us together. It makes things much easier! I am a little diapointed that I did not get any photo's of my brother, barely one of my dad and none of my neice and nephew. Oh well at least I got photos I was busy playing hostess with the mostess.

Here is something I love to do with striped paper! Journal on it! I find it a little playful and I just think it is so fun to use the lines and create a little ditty. You should try it.
So like I said we have been going over to my grandma's forever on Christmas Eve and when my other grandmother was alive we would go to her house in the afternoon and then to my other grandma's in the evening. I always loved Christmas just because I got to see so many of my cousin's, aunt's and uncle's all in one day! Not to mention all the treats and the presents. Yee was fun being a kid way back in the day!
Now we just go to the one grandma's and I hardly ever see my other cousins anymore. We used to try and get together but then we all got our own families and time just gets away...I was hoping to have them over this year since we bought the house but maybe I will try and have them over in the spring for a barbe-que instead.

I know some of you have seen this photo before and now you will get to see the rest of the page!  I am not sure why I don't have tons of photo's for this Christmas like I did every other year but I just had a few that turned out so I will share them here.

I also like this fun playful journaling. as well as all the white on this page. I don't use white very much and I found it worked well here.