Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Meet me in St. Louis...

I have been negleting my little ole bloggy blog and I must appologize!

I have just been running here and running there and then running back again. It is basketball season at my house and there is no time for papercrafting :(.

Here are a few pages that I did a while back and as you can see they are all about St. Louis. My oldest daughter bowls and made it to the state finals right across from St. Louis so we decided to make the trip a combo trip of bowling and fun family weekend.

She did fabulous by the way...made it to 13th in the state! We were so proud of her.

We found the best hotel right across the way from the arch. The view from our room was amazing!!! The room was only a little over $100 a nigth and it was a corner suite to boot. We splurged durring the trip and ordered room service (the first time I ever did that) It was so fun...I am not so sure if it was worth it but we had a blast!

It was even more beautiful at night. You could see all the lights over the river.

I really like how I used the buttons on these first few pages and the chip board with the buttons inside...I never know what to do with those frames. I thought it to be so very brilliant. ;)

Here we are on a boat tour. This was a ton of fun because we got to just enjoy the different things along the river and we learned a ton about how they made the bridge that goes across the river.

It was a sad story too as many men lost their lives.
We of course could not go to St. Louis without going inside the arch and so that is what these photos reflect.

I don't remember ever being in the arch, though my parents swear they took me as a child. Anyway it was cool we rode up in the Egg shaped elevator cart. I kept expecting to see Mork from Orrk pop up. That would have been fine as I know the and shake pretty well.