Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 7 pocket pages lots of love

Week 7 was a lot of fun! It was valentines Day....awww I love a day of love. I got to see my dad, I got my hair highlighted, it has been years! My fiance`s daughter moved out of state last year and she called me a few weeks ago to surprise him so we have that here as well. Week 7 was fun fun fun and full of LOVE. Since it was so eventful I used two pages this week to tell all of the stories I wanted to share. 

Oh and do you see that weather photo? 60 degrees in February is unheard of here in the midwest!!! that is for sure newsworthy. Don't you fret winter came back in full swing. I am so thankful it is now spring as that is probably my favorite season. Everything is new and fresh. 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Winky Face

Sometimes things just come together the right way. When I first got this cute paper I was trying to figure out what I wanted to use it for and then I remembered these photos of my little one learning how to wink. I couldn't believe how perfect it was since the paper even has winks on it! 

I decided to do this style that I have seen many times before it is actually perfect for paper scraps or if you have a lot of 6 x 6 pads of paper around.

I made the embellishments with the Artistry CTMH cartridge and added some quick journaling strips.

I like to do these journaling strips.

Here is a close up of my film strip and my little flags

Supplies from CTMH unless otherwise noted:
Cardstock: Black, White Daisy
Pattern Paper -  Some Kinda Wonderful
Cartridge - Artistry

Monday, March 27, 2017

Pocket Scrapbooking Week 6

This week was a slow week we had the Superbowl (how about that game?) at my moms, some cute grandson photo ops and oh...we bought a new car! So even though it was an exciting week I didn't have a lot of photos so I used this cute alternative size page protector. Something fun, something different and I used some more of those sport theme cards.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Pocket Scrapbooking Week 5

Hello and welcome to week 5 of my life. I am very happy to be staying fairly current in my album so far. I have never made it past the first page when I have tried pocket scrapbooking in the past. Yay me. This week we didn't have to much day to day stuff going on but ended up going out for a pizza/game night and then another night met some friends for cards.

I lost by the way...I don't know how I am very good at spades.

I used cards that I had gotten up at Tuesday Morning a while back. They are actually sport them cards and I just cut them up and made them work. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 4 - Pocket Scrapbooking and Organization

So Week 4 features photos of my daughters graduation from the National Guard. We are not really suppose to share where she is at or details so instead of showing you my finished page I thought I would show you a little bit of my process and organization while working on Pocket Scrapbooking

I found a great tracking tool on Pinterest that I love to use when planning my weekly pages. I fill that out and select my pocket page style

Next I cut down photos that I ordered using the collage feature from the Project Life App. That way I can order 4" x 4", 2" x 3" or 2" x 2" photos without the crazy expense of a special size. I just order a 4" x 6" and cut them apart. 

From there I assemble my pages using my PML cards. 

I store my cards in a medium size organizer from CTMH I saw a lot of people storing their cards this way on YouTube and the best part about it, is that it fits in the top of my Raskog Cart from IKEA.  I had originally kept them by color but recently I discovered something about myself that I never new. I scrap much better by collection. So now my cards are sorted by collection and that way everything goes together easy peasy and I don't have to worry about my pinks being a little off from one another.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Oh Deer!

I didn't mean to leave for a few weeks but let me tell you I have been a crafting up a storm so I have some goodies to share with you.

I am working on several things this year as I scrapbook. I am trying to stay current Pocket Scrapbooking and I am working on filling in the gaps in my 2013 album. I also want to finish up my daughters school albums as they both graduated several years ago. One in 2009 (she is up to 5th grade and doesn't have to much going on in middle and high school) and one in 2013 (she is up to 7th grade and she was my active girl) I am happy to say I am current on my little ones school albums. Whoo hoo!!!

I worked on these photos last month for a fun crop over at Sketch-n-Scrap. If you are ever looking for inspiration because you are stuck they have hundreds of sketches for you to start with. This was Sketch 101

Anyway today is not about school albums it is about my 2013 album. When I first started dating my fiance` we used to see deer's everywhere. This is one of our first dates where we ran into several deer on a walk.

Supplies from CTMH unless otherwise noted:
Cardstock: Colonial White, Cocoa, Juniper, Glacier
Pattern Paper -  Jackson, Picture My Life Jackson Cards
Embellishments - Jackson Complements, Glacier twine, Glacier Sequins 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sweet...sugar rush

So I just am in love with our new paper pack Sugar Rush is has my name written all over it with three daughters. I have been playing with it all month and have made so many projects with it that I will be sharing with you.

I know I mentioned how I am doing pocket scrapbooking this year but don't think for a second that I won't be doing a lot of traditional scrapbooking as well. Currently I am working on finishing up 2013 and it has been fun going back and reliving one of the best years of my life to date.

Here is a sweet page about my dad bringing my little one a new bike just because.

This is a great page for using up some scraps. I also used up some of the zip strips on the top of  the Sugar Rush papers. It would also be very easy to adjust this layout and add more photos if you needed to.

Here is a close up of the journaling and some of the embellishment clusters.

Supplies from CTMH unless otherwise noted:
Cardstock: Whisper, White Daisy
Pattern Paper -  Sugar Rush
Embellishments - Sugar Rush Complements, Sugar Rush Dots
Other - Sugar  Rush Washi Tape

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Consider it Cased - Banners and stars oh my!

I have another Considered it Cased card. I ran across this card and just couldn't get over how simple yet adorable it was. I have made banner cards many many times before even banner cards that look almost exactly like this one. What I loved the most was the little strip of paper along the left hand side as well as the banner being a smidgen off center. I will for sure be using this pattern again and again and again.

My middle daughter just graduated from Basic Training and AIT she joined the National Guard. I am so proud of her and this is the card that I made her. I was originally going to do something using standard patriotic colors but the card took me here and I just went with it.

Supplies from CTMH unless otherwise noted:
Cardstock: White Daisy 
Pattern Paper -  Sugar Rush
Embellishments - Sugar Rush Dots
Other - Gray Bakers Twine, Star Nestabilies 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Throwback Thursday - Miss You

Welcome to another addition of Throwback Thursday. I have had this paper for years. When it came out I thought it would be perfect for travel or masculine projects. I joined a Facebook Group last January and recently have gotten really involved in it. The group is called Bash Your Stash and it encourages you to use what you have. This has always been my motto simply because if I don't use something I find that it goes out of style or I don't like it anymore.  Plus if I use it up I can get more

One of the challenges in early January was to grab 15 items and put them in a bin or basket and keep them on your table top so that you will be encouraged to use the items throughout the month on your projects.

The items from the BashKit on this card is actually that wooden plane and the USA cricut cut. I took it a few steps farther and also used this old paper, some old velvet ribbon (ohhh so soft) and brads! Yes I used brads on a card. 

Full disclosure...I didn't finish my BashKit stash. I used about half of the things I put in there. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Pocket Scrapbooking - Week 2 and 3

Whoa here I am again with week 2 and 3!!! It is really working this time. Now I just have to keep it up. How are your scrappy goals coming along?

I don't really tend to follow hard set rules when I scrapbook. I like to keep it fun and so I pretty much do what I want and what I like. My life is one that I love but it isn't always super exciting. I worked really hard to make my life lovely and simple and so there might be weeks when there really just isn't much going on. Especially when we are in the middle of winter and it has just been cold and dreary out there.

With that being said. I combined weeks 2 and 3 so I didn't end up with a pocket page full of pretty pockets filled with PML cards. I want to keep my album photo heavy with a good balance of filler and journal cards.

I feel like I am starting to get the hang of this. Some of it seems to just be patient. I might not like how one pocket is looking but then when I put it all together it is like magic happens and it just works.

Supplies from CTMH unless otherwise noted:
Cardstock: Pomegranate,  Whisper, White Daisy
Pattern Paper -  Sugar Rush
Embellishments - Sugar Rush Complements, Sugar Rush Dots
Other - Sugar  Rush Washi Tape

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Extra PML Cards - Hooray!

Several years ago I was in a kit club and I loved it! One of the things I would try to do was use up the kit within a month or two of getting the kit. That way I could keep a fresh rotation of supplies I love on hand. In January most, but not all, of my projects came from the Workshops Your Way Sugar Rush Scrapbooking Kit from Close to my Heart. I love getting their kits because it all coordinates and it just makes my life simpler as far as trying to match supplies from different companies.

I know I am being wordy today but stay with me here I do have a cute project I am just giving you a little background. 

CTMH also made some changes recently, I think within the last year or so, and started adding PML cards into their paper packets. This is great for someone like me because I am actually doing pocket scrapbooking this year. However what if you don't do pocket scrapbooking? Well you can still use them in traditional scrapbooking like I did a while back on these pages. You can also use them on cards which is what I typically do. 

Supplies from CTMH unless otherwise noted:
Cardstock: Pomegranate
Stamps: Flower Market Collection
Ink: Black
Pattern Paper -  Sugar Rush
Embellishments - Sugar Rush Dots

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Mama's little helper

My little one is so super creative! I decided to move some things around and organize my space so that she could start scrapbooking with me.

She is concentrating on her journaling! Yay

Now she is gluing her photos in. She is a real natural.

She completed about 5 pages but these were her favorites. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Pocket Scrapping - Week 1

You might remember last week when I said I accomplished a Pocket Page Scrapbook well I did it again! If I play my cards right...(my PML* cards that is) I will be sharing these pages with you all year long! Do you think I can do it?

We shall see. Here is week two. I had a pretty busy week full of pajama days...last few days of Christmas vacation. A road trip to take my little soldier girl back to her AIT (Advanced Individual Training) and a nice overnight visit with my grandmother, whom is 97 and still lives independently.

The first thing I did was go through my photos and decide which ones I wanted to print.

Side note: when I decided i wanted to try Pocket Scrapbooking again I ran across a few good tips. Go through and edit or delete my photos every night. Make up collages and print them in 4 x 6 format at your favorite printer. Take notes if you can. Don't stress about it.

Ok so back to my page. I decided what photos I wanted and sent them to my local 1 hour photo lab and then I started working on my page. This week turned out to be all about the stories and less about the pockets. I added a few tabs and a few other little embellishments and "didn't stress about it" and called it complete. I love how it turned out!

One thing that I often get stuck on when I scrapbook is the story. I know this and so I have taken classes and bought books but I still cannot figure out how to make my story the way I want. I think that is why I ended up loving this page. I just talked about why I selected these photos (out of about 50) or what was going on in the photos. Now I didn't end up scrapbooking a few of the photos that I took but I just set them aside for now and I can use them in other pages or in a mini album or something. 

Supplies from CTMH unless otherwise noted:
Cardstock: Pomegranate, Seaglass 
Pattern Paper -  Sugar Rush
Embellishments - Sugar Rush Complements, Sugar Rush Dots
Other - Sugar  Rush Washi Tape

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Consider it Cased - Flowers

A little just wanted to share a card today. I have been working hard in the studio playing with all sorts of new goodies.

I saw this adorable card on Pinterest and just fell in love!! I had been on there grabbing some inspiration for my new Close to my Heart cartridge Flower Market.

This card came together quickly and I will for sure be making some more awesome projects with my newest Cricut cartridge. 

All Supplies from CTMH unless otherwise noted:
Cardstock: Poppy, Fern, White Daisy 
Stamps: Flower Market Collection
Ink: Poppy
Pattern Paper -  Enchantment Fundamentals
Embellishments - Black Shimmer Trim , Clear Sparkles
Other - Flower Market Cartridge, Stitch Guide, Piercing Tool, Bone Folder

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Throwback Thursday - You're a doll

Do you have old supplies? I sure do and I try to use them. Sometimes though I come across something I just had to have. I could simply do so much with it and just use it for this and that and this...and then I get it and it sits.

and sits

and sits

and then you come across it when you are organizing your supplies and the guilt sets in. I recently went through all of my supplies and found several such items.

I thought I would bring back a series on my blog here called Throwback Thursday only it won't be with awesome photos from my childhood (and they are awesome) but with old supplies or some weeks it might just be an old project that I loved.

So here is the first installment I hope you enjoy it

I mixed the old with the new here. This russian doll is an old stamp of the month that I have had for about 3 years and the blue paper is from the Enchantment Fundamentals pack from CTMH. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Life is Sweet

So is this little card. I needed a couple of birthday cards this month and here is one of them.

I was playing along over at Sketch N Scrap and this is what I came up with. How about you do you like sketches? How do you typically make cards?

Card Sketch #90

I also played along for Card Sketch #89 

I made that one for my sweetie. I probably should have saved it for Valentines Day but I just wanted to make his day extra special and a card is a great way to make that happen.

Supplies from CTMH unless otherwise noted:
Cardstock: Palmagranate, White Daisy
Pattern Paper -  Sugar Rush
Embellishments - Sugar Rush Complements

Other - Sugar  Rush Washi Tape

Monday, January 30, 2017

This is the year - Pocket Scrapping

For the last several years I have said I think I will try Pocket Scrapbooking. Every year I sit down plan what to scrap my first week order photos and stare blankly at the page and set it aside and go back to the traditional way I scrapbook.

This year it is a little different.

I have been trying to be more active in my scrappy groups on FB and less active in the other things you find on FB. This has been amazing! I have been scrapping more, organizing more, interacting more. I love it! So I mentioned how I had been organizing more, well I discovered I have a TON of pocket page protectors...and I am not kidding! I have like 90. That is a whole album and then some. So again this year I vowed to start pocket scrapbooking.

Here is what happened.

I did it! It went pretty smooth. I did have to figure things out and I swapped stuff around and changed out my photos a few times but I did it and I love how it came together.

I shared this on Facebook and had a lot of questions about that page protector. It says Stampin' Up! on the side so it must be from one of their value packs or something as I have only this one. I will list out the other supplies below they are from Close to my Heart.

Have you tried Pocket Scrapbooking?

Supplies from CTMH:
Cardstock: Pomegranate, Seaglass 
Pattern Paper -  Sugar Rush
Embellishments - Sugar Rush Complements
Other - Sugar  Rush Washi Tape