Thursday, April 14, 2016


A long long time ago I was planning on doing the Scripture Challenges over at Triple the Scraps. I did a couple and forgot all about it. Then I cam across Bible Journaling. I made some Pinterest board but just thought about it and then I made a page this past winter. I loved it but again set it aside. Well Triple the Scraps is still doing scripture Challenges and I thought that would be a great way to combine my desire to do some Bible Journaling and play along with the Scripture Challenges. They are on challenge #4 but I am starting a the beginning with challenge #1 Limitless.

Patter has a lovely little study and then she shares her art work. It isn't always the same it is just whatever has inspired her. Here is what I came up with

As I read through the study and read through my Bible that I journal in and my NIV Life Application Bible I decided that I wanted to express myself using a well and just how limitless the bottom of the well is. When I looked up wishing well photos I mostly found decorative ones and a few that had a different perspective of looking up. Well I wanted to look down into a well and do you know what...I couldn't find anything with that angle out there.
Then I stumbled upon this album cover from Jennifer Knapp. I really enjoy her music so I was even more excited at how that was coming together. I missed the perspective a little in my version but it has been a long time since I have drawn freehand.

I added some words from the bible study that kept repeating in my own study into the well and repeating at the bottom as well. sort of running off and down the page.
For this challenge I just used my colored pencils, some alphabet stickers, and a cute little Illustrated Faith sticker that I recently got.

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