Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lazy day...

I did absolutly nothing today exept be very lazy. It was well deserved as I was busy this past weekend working the Scrapbook Expo in Chicago...aka. in St. Charles. It was tons of fun and tons of work great pizza and it was so fun to get to know everyone better. Last year I subbed so I knew the basics but now that I got to see the whole thing from start to finish I am truely amazed. Since I was having a lazy day I stayed in my pj's and I watched movies, blogged twice {wow}, and enjoyed my girls. My hubby took care of dinner and we ordered out for lunch.

Here are some photo's

Working at the demo table

Having some photo time with Tina
and with Regina

I also got to make everyone these cute little name tags...

Ahh ha ha...did you think you were going to get photo's of me in my pj's?  I want you to come back not scare you away. Well I guess I will head to bed since I am still in my pj's LOL back to work tomorrow after some vacation time the students start back tomorrow as well as my students. I can't believe I have two in high school and one in college. Yikes.