Friday, June 11, 2010

Clear cards...have you seen them?

Ha ha...parden the pun. Clear cards are really awesome. They do seem a little tricky to work with at first as you need to think of the whole card in order to get the biggest bang with your design. I had so much fun making a set of these. Today I will show you the two littl round ones.

First up...Nothing but blue skies. This card is a perfect share today as it is the start of my summer hours and for the next two months I have Fridays off!!! Whoo hoooo...I am a little excited dif you can't tell. :) I used the fun sun and cloud from Over the Rainbow

For the next card I used this delightful little songbird from Hot Diggity. when you open the card you can  see the music notes it is really fun. I also have a little saying behind the grass.