Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thump...thump...pound...pound...what is that sound

why it is my little ole heart going beat beat for things that I love. It is time for the Summer Idea Book to debut and we thought it would be fun to give you a sneak peek of some of our favorite things out of the new book. I couldn't pick just could not make up my mind....what between the clear cards, iresistabilites, recipe boxes and the papers...oh the papers!  Wait until you see those...gorgeous. Since I am so in love with the paper this time around I thought I would do some scrapbook pages for you all to enjoy.

If you came here from that "Happy Stamper" Dawn Ross' blog you are on the right track!

I am focusing on the Passages Level 1 paper pack which is masculine paper with a travel feel to it. Now lets get on with the things that few of the things that I love - three to be exact.

First up my hubby he is a musician and loves to do photo shoots for his albums and other promotional things.
I just really thought these photos came out so well and as I was trying to come up with an idea for the new Passages paper I remembered these pictures and thought they would be perfect!

When I started the page and it started coming together I just was so happy with the results. I love the title as music is his passion and he is good at it. He used to play for me much more and even wrote and sang me a song at our wedding that made all of the girls cry. It was the most romantic thing. Now he works second shift and with our toddler we just don't have as much time for romance...ok back to the page.

Here is the whole double page layout.

Did you know that on the back of each and every level 1 paper pack CTMH lists the layout. For instance these two pages are both from the Reflections book the left page is Front & Center - Basic and the right page is Front & Center - Center Stage. You might say why is this important and why would I need to know this? Well the answer is that Close to my Heart gives you a great foundation to how to layout the pages. It really just makes things Faster. Simpler. Easier. in today's world that is important.

I sort of did a mix and match here and went with their ideas for the left page. True to my style, when I got to the right page I changed it up a little. I loved how they had a big photo in the middle but that is where they stopped. I am a fan of lots of photos on a page and couldn't bring myself to just have one big photo and all that paper around it so I added some smaller photos up top. Then along the bottom I did some really cool wallet size photo's this reminded me of proofs and I love the look of them cascading across the bottom of the page and then falling onto the other page. Fabulous!!

One of my favorite things about the page is the little group of embellishments at the bottom. The little My Stickease said "touring club member" perfect! I also had him sign one of the little tabs so it looks like his autograph. It could not have turned out any cuter.

So as you can see I really love the hubster and these photo's and it was super duper fun to work on a man page as with a houseful of girls I just never ever do man stuff. I think I might try and do some more.

Next thing that II wanted to show you what I did with the other pages from the onto another!

Have you ever been to Niagara Falls? I think it should be on everyone's list. It is majestic, it is a heart pounding, it will rattle your soul, it is absolutely amazing. We went there for our honeymoon and though we did lots of things the one thing I decided to focus on was the tour we did behind the falls.

Here again I loosely followed the photo suggestions in the Reflections book and then added my own touch. This layout is called Half & Half - Perfect Square. As you can see we got wet and it was so windy. We got to go out on the deck and walk down a long tunnel and go right behind the water. It was amazing and I just wonder how in the world they built it and why they would build it but alas I am glad they did.
Next page is Title topper - basic

Here are some close ups of this page

buttons and a very wet photo of us in our rain gear
and here we are all put together.
The great thing about the Reflections book is all of the pages are single layouts BUT have companion layouts can turn them mix them, match them. they give you all sorts of other pages to mix and match with giving you hundreds and hundreds of ideas. They also give you photo alternates. Usually they have the main one and two alternates so the first idea might have 1 photo and then first alternate might have 3 and then they might have another alternate page that has 5 photos so there really is something for everybody.
Speaking of something for everybody next up on the hop is Tresa Black she is Fabuloulsy Artsy. Happy Hopping!.

Wait wait...what is the other thing that I love why it is Close to my Heart of course...I love that they make my life Faster. Simpler. Easier. with three kids a full time job a husband and a love of crafting I really really appriciate it and just love them. I hope you enjoyed my passage into the new book.

Reflections how to book
Passages Level 1 paper pack
1 sheet of garden green cardstock
pop dots


Tresa Black said...

Great layouts! Nice post, (even though you spelled my name wrong... hee hee!)


Amy said...

Blush blush...all fixed now.

Lori said...

Great layouts. Love what you did with them.

Jean M. said...

Awesome layouts. I love the paper.

Lynette said...

Wow Amy, this is stunning.

Cindy said...

Great Layouts....Passages was the perfect paper choice!

Kristine said...

Great work with a Level 1 kit. The choice of paper was perfect for both of your themes. Thanks for sharing.

Sheila Bennett said...

Great pages. Nice to see some finished pages that started as the Level 1 kit. You did a great job with your extra finishing touches.

Carla said...

Fabulous layouts Amy!! Especially love the first one - it is gorgeous!!

Helen Onulak said...

Passages is GREAT for masculine layouts...and travel....and so much more! Wasn't Niagara Falls beautiful? I loved it. Nice job on both sets of layouts.

Haley D. said...

Love your projects!

Wendy K. said...

Nice layouts and the perfect pictures for those photos!

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