Thursday, November 26, 2009


One of the cool things about being an adult is making your own traditions. I have found that some of my traditions came straight from my parents and others I have made with my family. The holidays make me get all sappy and sentamental each and every time. One tradition that we have is to put up the tree on Black Friday. I have done the shopping thing but I actually would rather stay home put up the tree and have some hot tea and put on some Christmas tunes. This year I think we will light the fire too. It is so fun going through the ornaments with the girls and giggling about the ones they have made over the years. Some are pretty beaten up but most of them are still just as nice as they were the day they came home with them so proud of what they accomplished.

As the years have went by the ornaments have become fewer as the participation in tree decorating has also went from two down to one. Savannah still loves to decorate the tree and I am so glad. It actually makes me sad that Danielle no longer wants to help but the sandness is not as bad as the attidute that I am met with if I force the issue. Pick your battles right?

This page came together so fast. I discovered a while back that the titles of the pages are labled on the back of the level one kits. What I normally do is to turn to that layout in the book that it is in, in this case Reflections, and I look at what else has been done in that chapter in regards to photo and papers.
Here is another view I just love the play on patterns here.
As well as a close up of the date. I just cut a Z to make a 7 and used a letter O for the zero
Note to self: take some photo's of the ornaments this year.