Thursday, October 29, 2009

The pony couldn't keep up...

As many of you know we have been on the move. Well we have been having mail problems spaciffically we did not recieve mail for almost a whole month. Wait actually it was about a month. It all started when we moved for the first time this year from our rental. What happened is we thought we were going to buy one house and ended up living in it for about 3 months. It fell though...good thing...super cute but way to small for a family of 5. So we moved again but we couldn't close fast enough so we had to move into a motel. Yikes! The first one my hubby chose was such a dive and very scary. Scary scary and he works third shift eeek! After a week we moved into a regular hotel and it felt like a 5 star resort! haha We stayed there...all FIVE of us in one room with two beds. Yep good times...good times. We finally closed on our house and we could not be happier. The mail has not been so happy. One week...two weeks...finally I came home on Tuesday and had this big stack staring at me. My hubby said his pile was also this big! WOW

Can you beleive out of this whole stack I only had one good peice of mail and that was this cute card from my friend Patti. She is a big reason why I stamp. She brought me over to the dark side with her and it has been a ton of inky fun ever sense! Personally it makes me giggle to compare the stack of mail with the height of the card.

Here is a close up so you can see the cute bling at the top. My favorite part of the card though...what is written inside. It is so true that a card can really brighten someones day. This one sure did brighten mine.

Update - I forgot to tell you all the rest of the story! LOL The mail when it finally came had our original old address on it and some of it had the 3 month address. When I filled out the change of address slip the first time, and when my husband did it the second time. We only put our most recent move on there and I think it tripped up the system. Somehow I only ended up with two small past due bills. Not bad for such a big stack.